• Bruno S

    This animated music video takes you into the dreamlike world of Bruno Schulz - the hourglass, when inverted, becomes a bridge between reality and fantasy. The hand drawn animations derive motifs from the stories and drawings of Bruno Schulz - the Polish-Jewish writer and artist who tragically die...

  • Tame

    Tame is a coming of age story exploring the spectrum of masculinity and the beauty of brotherhood.

  • Grow Up

    Grow Up is a journey of inner and outer struggle of being a boy; an emotional pendulum, oscillating between anger and play, strength and vulnerability.

  • Zebra

    Filmed over an entire year the artists in this music video walk slide, and drive through time in vivid special effects trickery. Zebra is a reminder than no matter how long a single mood may feel, every moment is just another passing slice of time.