• The Amazing Sanchez

    The daily life of Sanchez, a young fanatic of comics, who works in a call center. One day his life changes when he finds an advertisement looking for superheroes, therefore Sanchez will have to get out of his monotonous daily life, and while doing so he will discover how super he can become.

  • AMPM

    AMPM is an experimental dystopia where analog TVs has the power to emulate simulations based on what's in the deepest part of your brain. The film depicts one of Thom and Sharon experiments with television hypnosis, the secret for both of them to be able to make a successful trip, lies in the con...

  • Dr. Yen Lo

    A post apocalyptic sci-fi CGI short film, portraying the leading character "Dr. Yen Lo" in a world of his manipulation metaphorically representing the powers that be, questioning todays human society on technology and drug addiction.