• Bambiland

  • Roommates

    Jimena and Bruno are about to get married. But the wedding preparation Will not be simple at all… One night between Jimena and her two best friends Will end in a disaster that no bride would like to live. Jimena has only five days to know if she wants to move forward with her boyfriend or accept ...

  • Rag Doll

    On a magical night, a woman creates her ideal man, but all is not as straightforward as she hoped.

  • The Girl In The Red Dress & Yellow Hat

    Every night a mysterious girl in red dress and yellow hat, passionately throws herself in Pablo's arms at the train station, the trouble is that he is in love with his wife.

  • Inconnection

    A tragic couple breakup inspired in the actual, real and unfair situation countries like Venezuela and Syria are going through and the brutal sexual abuse still on. She represents these countries and their people. Need of showing what these women/countries and their rights are going through. Shou...