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  • Overcoming Yourself

    The main character of the film is an athlete, a young enduro racer and already, the winner of the Russian Cup - Danila Chernyaev.
    From childhood, he understood that a motorcycle is his weakness and element. Danil confidently went to his goal, practiced a lot and hard, participated in competitions...

  • All That's Left

    Henri returns to see his family after a long absence to visit his mother, who was recently admitted in a psychiatric clinic. Despite his anxieties, unconsciously transmitted by his mother, Henri decides to get her out of the hospital and take care of her ...

  • Walking In My Shoes

    A documentary following shoes donated from children in the suburbs of Scotland to young Syrian refugees in the settlements in Lebanon. At its heart this a childrens' story. It is as much about the children who donate as the those who receives the shoes.