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  • Orange Juice for the Ears

    Orange Juice for the Ears: from Space Beams to Anti-Streams' is a Barbican commissioned documentary on the work of musical weirdo and visionary Beatie Wolfe – an artist who has beamed her music into space, held an exhibition of her world first album designs at the Victoria & Albert Museum and...

  • Albeiti

    The film presents a relationship between a woman and the kitten living at her home. At first, it describes a warm familiar situation, that gradually becomes unusual. The irregularity aspires to bring discomfort and disturbances. Among the animation tool, I hope to cross the restraint of the viewe...

  • Scribblings

    After obtaining a magical crayon that will turn the things they draw into reality, two sisters play a game of keep away while travelling through the magical worlds they create.