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  • Pearl Fryar - The Man with a Green Thumb

    Topiary artist and Bishopville, South Carolina resident Pearl Fryar is known around the world for his whimsically intricate landscape art. This fresh and engaging documentary explores Fryar's process and cuts close to the heart of what inspires his unique creative visions.

  • 90 BPM

    A shot. A body falls from a building. A countdown starts. A car pulls away, leaving, and a man, Cristian, chases her, starting his frantic race to reach her. During the chase, the man will find himself involved in a series of strange encounters with different characters who will help him (or hind...

  • Parental

    Miguel has a 12-hour liberty permit, and from prison he is forced to transport cocaine to France. His son Joan makes a round trip from Lyon to spend the day with him. Miquel tries to cheat his son to transport the drug, but his doubts increase when he knows that he will be a grandfather, forcing ...