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  • The First Success of the Nobel Brothers

    The Nobel brothers gained most of their revenues when they were in Baku. They came to Baku to find walnut trees, but instead they saw Baku oil and established “The Nobel brothers” company. The biggest company which competed with “The Nobel brothers” company was Haji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev and the N...

  • Zaqqum

    It's about a girl hired by a killer man because of her special ability to find widows, and the girl tries to save herself from the man, but finds herself in the man's position when she get rid of him...

  • Kids Sapiens Sapiens

    In a time when more and more children are given tablets and smartphones to play with, it's important we look at education and what's most important about it. Kids Sapiens Sapiens is an experimental short documentary sustained on the inputs of Pedro, Carolina and Yasmin on their own education.