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  • Parental

    Miguel has a 12-hour liberty permit, and from prison he is forced to transport cocaine to France. His son Joan makes a round trip from Lyon to spend the day with him. Miquel tries to cheat his son to transport the drug, but his doubts increase when he knows that he will be a grandfather, forcing ...

  • Invisible

    Pierre, a very shy genetician gets to work with the girl he secretly loves. He decides to test a chemical product in order to stop blushing when he's in the same room as her. But the experiment goes wrong, and Pierre becomes invisible. And this is how he is going to become truly visible to her eyes.

  • Timbang

    In the midst of Metro Manila, Aries, a 17 year old female skater goes viral after her friend uploads a video of her on the internet. She then faces challenges of being judged as an individual and her mother’s expectations of her.