• King Of Beasts

    Aaron, an American hunter, enters the dark heart of the African bush, on a surreal neocolonial expedition, emulating 1000s of years of indigenous rite of passage rituals, as he hunts the ultimate trophy - the king of beasts.

    Many hunters consider themselves conservationists, and animal lovers. T...

  • Entity

    A man deals with the personal tragedy of his family's death by living at the vacation cabin that they last stayed at. He soon discovers he's not alone.

  • Good Ol' Bernie

    Just retired, Bernie has only one goal left: Win the next regional game of race walking.

  • SoFar

    "I created this film in the hopes of telling a simple feel-good story. The process has been long and arduous, but I am extremely glad to have been able to have this chance to create a short film. Throughout this time, I have discovered many new skills that I have been able to pick up. It is a hug...

  • Goa, A Piece of Peace

    Goa, A Piece of Peace is a travel documentary on Goa, India, a land lost in time.

  • Sexy Sushi セクシーな寿司

    Anthropomorphic Sushi and Toppings show off their tenderness and juiciness to attract the customers. Midway, Sushi gets a rude awakening about the harsh and brutal truth about his life and reflects upon it. Eventually, Sushi accepts his tragic fate.

  • Red-Stained Ribbons | A Hong Kong Documentary

    "Red-stained Ribbons" is a short-documentary on the fight for Democracy of Hong Kong, and all the political and humanitarian issues underneath it.

  • Lost Pig

    A pig gets lost in the city until he finds a way out

  • Inconnection

    A tragic couple breakup inspired in the actual, real and unfair situation countries like Venezuela and Syria are going through and the brutal sexual abuse still on. She represents these countries and their people. Need of showing what these women/countries and their rights are going through. Shou...

  • The Remains

    The Remains is a stream of consciousness progression of a hallucinatory experience of an old man .The old man living his last days in a small hut situated on the isolated riverbank has lost almost all the assets of his life .All he left is his aged skinny figure, an old hut and hazy childhood nos...

  • Wolves

    A father and son live in a remote wilderness with a dark secret.

  • Next

    The story of the film is about a photographer who takes all of his customers in one shape and takes photos of them. But it becomes difficult to deal with one of them.

  • An Acid Tale

    Seeing their friend Cigar upset, Pill and Don C. speculate on the reasons for his condition, after a brief chat blaming LSD for causing chaos.

  • Cleaner

    A public toilet cleaner is concerned about her pregnancy test on a normal day of her work.

  • When He's Gone

    As Jess and Ben prepare for the arrival of their first baby, reality begins to blur in Jess' world as the past, present and future collide in front of her

  • Just Desserts

    A woman discovers her husbands infidelity and ultimately feeds him a vengeful meal.

  • AMPM

    AMPM is an experimental dystopia where analog TVs has the power to emulate simulations based on what's in the deepest part of your brain. The film depicts one of Thom and Sharon experiments with television hypnosis, the secret for both of them to be able to make a successful trip, lies in the con...

  • Everything About Florin Dobre, With a Few Exceptions

    Personal transformation leaves invisible traces behind, if is not followed by others.

  • The Nocnitsa

    Mia is haunted by her terrifying encounter of Sleep Paralysis and the arrival of The Nocnitsa. Her boyfriend comes home the next day to find Mia injured.

  • Bambiland

  • Enough

    A teen girl is attacked by a couple of young boys , her case is being investigated and help comes from a close source.

  • Franck

    This is the story of a guy who goes into a cupboard. The guy’s name is Franck. He’s the sort of guy who sticks his nose into other people’s business.
    The arc of this epic saga will take him to the head of a flooded universe, a head filled with as many holes as a piece of paradoxical Swiss cheese....

  • The First Success of the Nobel Brothers

    The Nobel brothers gained most of their revenues when they were in Baku. They came to Baku to find walnut trees, but instead they saw Baku oil and established “The Nobel brothers” company. The biggest company which competed with “The Nobel brothers” company was Haji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev and the N...

  • Zaqqum

    It's about a girl hired by a killer man because of her special ability to find widows, and the girl tries to save herself from the man, but finds herself in the man's position when she get rid of him...