It's been ten years since Buttercup has heard from her sisters Blossom and Bubbles. Spending her nights seeking out criminals Buttercup becomes the hero she always wanted to be until one night everything changes.

    This film is meant to be a pitch to Warner Brothers and we currently are not affili...


    "Have you ever counted from 1 to 1500?"

    IRANIAN LIVES MATTER abstractly recounts the true story of what occurred in Iran during the November 2019 protests — sparked by a surprise hike in gasoline prices — which quickly spread across the entire nation and was subsequently crushed by the dictator'...

  • The Door

    6 siblings go for a hike and come across a door standing in the middle of the trail. (Due to COVID, the film was made by having actors in 5 different cities submit their lines without knowing the script or other lines)

  • 12th Street

    Each year 25,000 inmates are released in Huntsville, Texas — one of the largest prison towns in America. Monday through Friday, the glass doors swing open on the front of the Civil War-era, red-brick prison they call The Walls. The inmates' exit and shuffle along the sidewalk, some smiling, some ...

  • Built Lands

    In the late 60s, a group of artists decides to settle in a village in the ‘darkest-deepest’ Spain. Today only Felix Cuadrado Lomas still remains there, determined to reflect the landscape which surrounds him: the lands built by those who work on them.

  • 90 Minutes withou Meat (Documentary)

    In the wake of a global climate crisis, a small town in Gloucestershire has received international acclaim for their environmental achievements in sport. English Football League side Forest Green Rovers are known for being the world's first professional, carbon-neutral football club. Chairman and...

  • Duel Of The Dyad

    A short reimagining of JJ Abrams's now-iconic lightsaber duel on the ocean moon of Kef Bir.