• Deep Fears

    A sea otter who is afraid of the ocean is challenged to face his fears when he loses his precious pink shell necklace at sea.

  • Doomsisters

    A sea otter who is afraid of the ocean is challenged to face his fears when he loses his precious pink shell necklace at sea.

  • Dirt

    A traumatised homeless veteran stumbles upon a child trafficking organisation and sees a chance at redemption.

  • Bube maises

    Yaffa is a 80 years old woman who live in a nursing home and has dementia. the dementia causes her to live her childhood again. At that time, her dad who was a business man was traveling the world and sending her postcards from every country he visited, and she imagined her with him in his advent...

  • The Dogs of the Future

    In 1957, the Soviet Union shocked the world by sending a dog into space. In 1960, they did it again. This short documentary explores the adventures of possibly the 3 most famous dogs in history and how their mission was crucial to modern day space travel.

  • Emma Forever

    At 16, Ugo falls in love for the first time. Her name is Emma, ​​he never spoke to her but tonight she will be at Louise's party. Ugo is not invited then with the help of his best friends Bram's and Karim, he will do everything to go there and conquer the chosen of his heart.

  • Eclipse

    “Eclipse” is an experimental dance video. The light of the sun represents life and energy, consciousness itself. The sun is most closely associated with the self, personality, and ego, and what it is that makes you unique. It's also been said to foster creative ability and provide people with the...

  • Frequentia

    The world's first 100% sensory film! We all are ruled by frequencies. Frequentia is a cinematic experience that invites the spectator not just to watch, but to feel the challenge faced by its protagonist. What frequencies rule your life?

  • Gangaram

    In India, it is commonplace for village-folk to move to the cities in search of work. They often spend majority of their lifetimes with a single family as caretakers, tending to their daily needs. Having been with our family for over 4 decades, Gangaram has become one such indispensable gear to o...

  • S.O.S. Warszawa

    Animated impression about city of Warsaw.

  • Ginos Detective Agency

    We are introduced to Gino's Detective Agency. Gino gives us an insight into the detective industry and basic lessons on how to become Sweden's best detective. We will follow Detective Gino who gets hired by a client that suspects his wife cheating on him.

  • Gray Spring

    Two high school girls, Satsuki and Ibuki, are trying to make their farewell moment forever.

  • Heart of Mind

    'Heart of Mind' tells the story of a painter whose reality turns nightmare upon the collapse of his egotistical world of surrealism. Struggling to hold onto the last tangible elements of his existence, the artist confronts his greatest challenge; letting go.

  • With...Out

    We only have one planet earth. That's why we have to care for her. People will not survive without earth. The earth will survive without people.

  • Super Science Friends - The Magnificent Episode Seven

    Saddle up cowboys and cowgirls! The Super Science Friends are back, and this time they've been rendered powerless at the hands of their greatest nemesis! Except they weren't really aware he even existed until today.

  • I'm here

    Kyiv, year 2019 - total copying of style, attitudes, hobbies. Unreasonable obsession with everything new, trendy, lack of autonomous thinking, lack of truth and real desires. The new generation stopped asking themselves - what do I really want to do here and now?
    But these guys have their own rea...

  • Eating Spaghetti

    A comedy short about two men enjoying a bowl of spaghetti.

  • The Dirty Jersey

    The Dirty Jersey is an animated documentary short film that explores the sex culture in one of the Navy Boot Camp housing units nicknamed "The Dirty Jersey" located in Great Lakes, Illinois.

  • Refugee by Mistake

    A small village community group set their sight on the absurd goal of protecting the border from refugees. In the end, they finde themselves on the refugee route without any identification documents and money. In an ironic and comic story, an absurd foray becomes an unusual self-discovery trip.

  • Aysan

    In a society where politicians impose lies on people, after a while people also fall in love with lies , wanting to live with lies and to love or be loved in a fake way. Isn't this the end of the world?

  • Venus is a guy

    a love story, an overwhelming love, how the song of soundtrack "Two men in love" by "The Irrepressibles" perfectly describes.
    The protagonists are Michele, Emanuele and Ornella. Each of these people are in search for love. Michele is the pivot of this script: he is a young and handsome boy, of hu...

  • Laugh Club

    The society had been stabilised. The majority of diseases, the poverty and the unemployment had been eliminated. Happiness had been awaiting the human kind – but happy they have been not. Out of nowhere a wave of suicides has started to spread over the land. Enriko, a promising scientist, takes t...

  • Psychology of Migration

    World-renowned psychoanalyst Prof.Dr. Vamik Volkan talks about the immigrant problem and immigration psychology in the world. What is the basic psychology of immigration and immigrant? We learn it.

  • Golds

    "Golds" follows Mercy, a young boy who lives in a poor neighborhood with his ill mom who can not afford the medical attention she needs. Mercy comes up with a creative way to raise money for his mom, but will it work?