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  • Rock Bottom

    Omar is a young man who started to work in a yellow taxi. In order to get rid of his financial problems, he returns to gambling where he used to be. He loses money in gambling that does not belong to him. The path he finds to get out of this situation leads him to a darker point.

  • Immersion

    A woman trapped in a matrix of cables, wires, ties and ropes. Then we see it spring up like a sylvan spirit between trees struggling with these artificial vines which it drags like bulky roots. Subsequently, a black space where the woman dressed only in her diaphanous dress stands motionless in f...


    RELATIONSHAPE is a 2D and 3D motion graphics film combined a poem I’ve written with its own storyline revealed through narration and also text. RELATIONSHAPE uses the relations between different geometric shapes to represent the connections and distances between people. Geometry can act as the mo...