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The Charge



  • The Light

    The Light is an experimental home-made animated short film. It is a visual poem about my attempting to find a moment of escapism and calm during quarantine. I hope that it can create peace for others in the same way. I paid particular attention to the sound design intending to create a distinct a...

  • Immersion

    A woman trapped in a matrix of cables, wires, ties and ropes. Then we see it spring up like a sylvan spirit between trees struggling with these artificial vines which it drags like bulky roots. Subsequently, a black space where the woman dressed only in her diaphanous dress stands motionless in f...

  • Not Alive Yet

    A voyage through time— when memories of recent past, reality, and dreams interact —everything is related and not. Mysterious and troubled feelings arouse as we are submerged into an audio-visual experience where another dimension of life can be sensed.