• Black Bombaim

    It is an essay film about musical creation and its relationship with landscape as a space for the production of mythologies and the summation of ghosts. This film and sound operation are organized into a trilogy, which is also a musical trilogy composed by the band Black Bombain in the process of...

  • Reditus Domum

    An intergalactic entity is called home to be with his family.


    "Have you ever counted from 1 to 1500?"

    IRANIAN LIVES MATTER abstractly recounts the true story of what occurred in Iran during the November 2019 protests — sparked by a surprise hike in gasoline prices — which quickly spread across the entire nation and was subsequently crushed by the dictator'...

  • Narcissick

    An instababe puts her physical and mental health on the line to compete against a younger, more popular rival

  • Mystery At Haunted Cliff

    John Newton is a university professor who has a special interest in old and unknown languages. John’s wife Elisabeth Newton is a psychology expert. They had a plan to visit Australia after eight years during Elisabeth’s psychology conference in Sydney. Due to John’s obligations about helping his ...

  • Smiley

    It was a meadow with fly agarics! He sat on the grass and didn't dare to rip the first one for a long time. It was the first fly agaric in His life. But now for the second! Suddenly the Thing appeared out of nowhere. It wasn't scary and even friendly. It gave Him a ticket...

  • Ciemez

    Ciemez - is the Adygean name of an ancient forest settlement located in the picturesque valley by the sea, surrounded by mountains on one side and rocky shores on the other. In an attempt to express the identity of these places, the story leads us to the outskirts of Novorossiysk - the southern p...

  • Eclipse

    “Eclipse” is an experimental dance video. The light of the sun represents life and energy, consciousness itself. The sun is most closely associated with the self, personality, and ego, and what it is that makes you unique. It's also been said to foster creative ability and provide people with the...

  • Frequentia

    The world's first 100% sensory film! We all are ruled by frequencies. Frequentia is a cinematic experience that invites the spectator not just to watch, but to feel the challenge faced by its protagonist. What frequencies rule your life?

  • Aysan

    In a society where politicians impose lies on people, after a while people also fall in love with lies , wanting to live with lies and to love or be loved in a fake way. Isn't this the end of the world?

  • UP

    Inspired by mother nature, this experimental short film features the most unique and beautiful aerial views of the planet Earth. Film consists of original satellite landscapes, which were made using modern digital technology and new techniques. The film is available in 4K Virtual Reality format.

  • Listenerize

    An experimental film which takes viewers to listen to the music by the level of master-class listeners.

  • The Outcome

    A dance film inspired by the emotions and experiences of my father's refugee story.

  • Children of Now

    A fragmented portrait of depression, love, and the indescribable force that balances the two.

  • Keepin it Real

    Deep in a black subconscious: the Fates sing the stories of an angry boy, a heavy-hearted girl, and a ballroom surrounded by marble statues, but how are they all related? They are all B.L.A.C.K...

  • Bleuler

    Short experimental film about Schizophrenia.

  • Deternity

    "Hey you! Watch out! What does the deep midnight say?" "Deternity" is an experimental poetic short film exploring Friedrich Nietzsche's poem „Once More“ (also called "The Drunken Song" from the book "Thus Spoke Zarathustra"). By using a combination of performance and projection techniques, the fi...

  • Bodies Of Desire

    Using Varsha Panikar’s poetry series by the same name, as the point of departure, Bodies of Desire, is a visual poetry film co-directed by her and Saad Nawab. The film captures four sets of lovers amid passion; to create a portrait of tender intimacy, of longing, of discovery, of desire, of embra...

  • Ghost Of Spacetime

    When the place tells us a story, we must listen.
    The echo of time repeats, and the mistakes of previous generations warns, so listen, time sure has a story and time had memory. And this place is telling us a story of a small family has been destroyed by war

  • Empty roads

    “Empty roads” is a journey in the in central Italy hinterland, across industrial areas at night between roundabouts, signalmen’s houses, petrol stations an steet lamps in the fog. It’s an observation of the other’s life through architecture. And these “others” are nowhere. No men, no animals. Onl...


    In 2025 a young student lives in "United States of South America", a post-pandemic society where people now communicate through brain implanted chips. After having an existential crisis she decides to go on a trip to Europe, escaping her overwhelming reality, however this trip has an unexpected e...

  • Distant

    A woman tackles the ups and downs of being in a long distance relationship with someone who they can't get in direct contact with. Their only method of communication is through recording videos.

  • A Mother's Soliloquy

    A recovering alcoholic must make a moral inventory in order to reconnect with her estranged son.

    Born out of personal experiences, "A Mother's Soliloquy" combines visual poetry with an original score to explore my own tumultuous relationship with my mother.

    Best played loud.