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Encounter in the Air



  • Take Me With You

    Love, loss, and tenderness set against a suburban backdrop on a summer day. A close-knit group reunites to say goodbye to one of their own. While they’ve come together for this singular purpose, it’s hard to keep the baggage at bay.

  • Free Money

    A sci-fi/comedy set in a future Toronto, where a Universal Basic Income means people no longer need to work for a living. JT, a washed-up engineer, begins to suspect that his smarthome ARI is stealing from his monthly cheque. Along with his twin brother Rory, he sets off to get to the bottom of t...

  • Scleroderma Domesticus

    It’s a dark night when Mauro wakes up believing that an insect has entered his ear. After doing some research on the internet, the man is convinced of being the victim of the “Scleroderma Domesticus”, a dangerous parasite that slips under the skin creating strange bruises. During a madness night,...