• The Call

    Steffen and Ben have gone on a missionary tour throughout the godless land of East-Germany. The Christian denomination was only recently joined by Steffen, who is now expected to prove himself accompanied by the more experienced Ben. Pairing bible-believing strictness with teenage slang and Chris...

  • ALL IN

    All In is a short film that highlights the cruel reality that the vast majority of cases of child sexual abuse occur where the perpetrator is someone very close to the child. The transition between the first and second half of the film shows an intense dichotomy between decades-old friendship and...

  • Hagai

    Nir (27) and Gev (27), best friends from childhood, have to deal with Nir's mysterious and unexpected pregnancy through their quest to avenge and kill Hava Alberstien, a Famous Yiddish singer

  • 12th Street

    Each year 25,000 inmates are released in Huntsville, Texas — one of the largest prison towns in America. Monday through Friday, the glass doors swing open on the front of the Civil War-era, red-brick prison they call The Walls. The inmates' exit and shuffle along the sidewalk, some smiling, some ...

  • Bee Together

    We are in year 2025 and Maria and Luís are survivors of the natural disasters that devastated the planet. They take care of bees, the most valuable animals on Earth.

  • Ghost Of Spacetime

    When the place tells us a story, we must listen.
    The echo of time repeats, and the mistakes of previous generations warns, so listen, time sure has a story and time had memory. And this place is telling us a story of a small family has been destroyed by war

  • Bunny Run

    After the death of his mother, Dean must live with his past mistakes while becoming his brother's new guardian.

  • Leiron

    Following a turbulent relationship that ended with so much left unsaid, Robert embarks upon an emotional quest for closure with long-term girlfriend, Isabel.

  • Micro Movies - The Test

    The MICRO MOVIES are "the world’s shortest feature films“. A whole storyline compressed into a couple of seconds with a disturbing twist in the very end.

  • Micro Movies - Roomservice

    The MICRO MOVIES are "the world’s shortest feature films“. A whole storyline compressed into a couple of seconds with a disturbing twist in the very end.

  • Emma Forever

    At 16, Ugo falls in love for the first time. Her name is Emma, ​​he never spoke to her but tonight she will be at Louise's party. Ugo is not invited then with the help of his best friends Bram's and Karim, he will do everything to go there and conquer the chosen of his heart.

  • Golds

    "Golds" follows Mercy, a young boy who lives in a poor neighborhood with his ill mom who can not afford the medical attention she needs. Mercy comes up with a creative way to raise money for his mom, but will it work?

  • 27 Minutes

    Something just happened, a horn breaks the quiet of a town.

  • anamnesis

    A poetic narrative of a man reliving his most traumatic and cherished memories before death.

  • Black Bear

    After a traumatic experience we follow Riley through his trials and tribulations living with OCD. Black Bear aims to challenge the stereotypes and educate audiences on the symptoms and struggles of OCD through our protagonist Riley, and his road to recovery. Riley is robbed at the start of the fi...

  • Delicacy

    A culinary connoisseur and a chef go on a hunt for a rare animal.

  • Alone

    Under the starry night, she is dressed in gala. The tears follow the complicity.


    RELATIONSHAPE is a 2D and 3D motion graphics film combined a poem I’ve written with its own storyline revealed through narration and also text. RELATIONSHAPE uses the relations between different geometric shapes to represent the connections and distances between people. Geometry can act as the mo...

  • The Last Lesson

    A journey in the head of Sebastian, a hunting trail traced here and there by professor.

  • The Twins

    The greatest love endures the greatest sacrifice. The film revolves around the story of Ah Ma,and her twins Ah Boy & Ah Girl. The Chinese family traditionally prefers boys over girls but often forget the sacrifices made by their daughter. However, with a twist of fate, things change and forever c...

  • Piedad

    As a poisonous dust cloud is heading towards their house, a mother and father will have to choose over the life of their three children.