When Scott Chesney was 15 years old he woke up paralyzed. Over the last 33 years since he has been on a journey to inspire others and this latest journey takes place in the Atlantic ocean at the Jersey Shore.

  • Reaching Reality

    Reaching Reality is a grassroots documentary on course to become a cult classic by capturing the spirit of surf-adventure as it goes to those hidden places that only those who seek can find. For those who loved the spirit of Bruce Browns' Endless Summer and the narrative style of Anthony Bourdain...

  • Portrait of a Baller

    The story of an able-bodied wheelchair basketball player

  • Light Within The Cracks

    Life in the Kibera Slum, Nairobi, Kenya Africa.

  • Koselig (noun/verb)

    “Koselig (noun/verb)” is a mockumentary comedy about Slow TV, a real-life Norwegian phenomenon that can best be described as “marathon television coverage of an ordinary event in its entirety”. At its heart, it is a simplistic yet endearing form of film that captivates foreign crowds for hours on...

  • How We See Water

    "How We See Water" follows the lives of two young women, Juana Gomez Ramirez and Rosa Maria Hernandez, in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico, as they grow from girls to young women and struggle to fulfill their dreams of obtaining an education while also serving a vital role in earning a living f...


    In the middle of the White Mountain Apache reservation near Pinetop, Arizona, Kiana, a twelve-year-old Native American girl, prepares to celebrate her passage into adulthood. Surrounded by her tribe, she bravely embarks upon her initiation ritual, a demanding experience filled with symbolism and ...

  • Thoughts and Prayers

    As a community prepares to mark the 20th anniversary of the shooting at Columbine High School, two award-winning journalists reflect on their coverage of the event and its long-term effects. Meanwhile, community members remember their lost loved ones amid unrelenting media attention - until, thre...

  • The Scroll of The Prophet Isaiah

    "I work after his voice and do exactly what he says to do... He put up what colors he want. I don't know about them. "
    One day, in May of 2018 as I was driving through Niagara Falls, NY, I passed a home unlike anything I had ever seen before. I slammed on the brakes and reversed to take some pi...

  • The Anomalies 'Venom Race'

    Most scorpions are harmless to humans, but in the deserts of North America, one group of species, collectively called striped bark scorpions produce venom that is potentially lethal and extremely painful. Despite their potent venom, striped bark scorpions are still a favorite meal of a small rode...