• Crownsville Hospital- From Lunacy to Legacy

    Crownsville Hospital: From Lunacy to Legacy is a feature-length documentary film highlighting the history of the Crownsville State Mental Hospital in Crownsville, MD. Drawing on many documentary works such as “The Thin Blue Line” and “Night and Fog” for inspiration, the film utilizes archival foo...

  • Free Trip To Egypt

    A Canadian-Egyptian entrepreneur living in Switzerland offers a free trip to Egypt to Americans concerned about an Islamic threat.
    An elderly teacher and her husband from Pennsylvania, an African-American police officer, a conservative Marine veteran, a preacher and a beauty pageant queen and a l...

  • Zip Code Matters

    A person’s ZIP Code has been shown to have a greater impact on health and well-being than their genetic code, affecting access to education, transportation, and wealth. How is this possible? This provocative new documentary ZIP CODE MATTERS boldly asks the question and gets profound and insightfu...

  • Hot Dogs on a Tricycle

    This is the story of Mario – a 17-year-old boy, who had to flee his hometown in El Salvador due to the violent threats of the criminal gang, The Mara Salvatrucha. With the support of Asylum Access Mexico, a non profit that helps refugees access their human rights through legal aid and resettlemen...

  • Crazywise

    What if a psychological crisis was seen as having the potential to be a positive transformative experience, instead of a "broken brain"?

    Human-rights photographer Phil Borges witnessed how indigenous cultures around the world often identify “psychotic” symptoms as an indicator of shamanic potent...

  • Dr. Isais Insects

    Dr. Isai Madriz wanders Patagonia in search of undiscovered insects.

  • Fueling Fierce

    In July 2013, Shannon Heil was killed in a car accident in Burrillville, RI. She was 18. "Fueling Fierce" is about how people chose to honor her tragic death by inspiring and investing in humanity.

  • Fail Delete

    Inspired by the various languages ​​of photography, the shy and discreet photographer Beto Pêgo, who has always used his camera to hide in the crowd, looks deep into the mirror and gives life to the extravagant and narcissistic drag queen, Betina Polaroid.

  • Farfalle Bianche

    A young woman, half Italian, half American, raised in both Italy and England, explores her intimate connection to rural America.

  • Waterboo

    Charlie Oman was born and raised on a farm in Vanlue, Ohio. He was a handsome young man who enjoyed life and loved to have a good time. Shortly after graduating high school, Charlie enlisted in the Marines and was sent off to the Vietnam War. This is where he was given the nickname “Waterboo” bec...

  • black ballet

    a short film featuring Alexander Patrick; a Phoenix transplant, college professor and dancer.

  • Finding Nasseebi

    A soul-searching filmmaker sets out to make a documentary about the United Arab Emirates' Islamic hotline center, where scholars answer questions and guide people towards the right path according to the Quran. As a friendship blossoms with one of the scholars, the filmmaker's relationship with a ...

  • Dancing With Your Dreams

    A group of travellers from different corners of the world meet in the Azores for exploring their dreams, flowing through touch and movement on a dance from the forest to the sea.

  • Mission Mountain

    Mission Mountain follows 1st generation rancher Amy O’Hoyt as she traverses being a woman in a male-dominated industry, learning what it means to be in a business where your product is alive, and why investing in sustainable practices in a circular economy is important for a stronger future. The ...

  • Kingfish

    Two brothers, Jack and Dan, have been estranged for 19-years. For the first time, in this short documentary film, they confront the pervasive impact of their decisive separation.

  • Family Over Fame

    Alex "Cunny" Ross started a clothing line to spread the power of family and he shares the story of the beginnings of Family Over Fame and what family means to him.

  • The Basin - Ode to the San Juans

    "The Basin: Ode to the San Juans" tells the story of a young photographer's relationship with a remote part of southern Colorado as he seeks an escape in nature during a tumultuous year. With footage captured over nearly a decade, it blends a combination of advanced drone and time lapse footage w...

  • Home or High Water

    As sea levels continue to rise, coastal communities are trapped between the reality of climate change and the antiquated political policies that threaten their future. Battered by stronger, more frequent storms, residents are faced with an impossible decision: rebuild their home in place to colle...

  • Harbinger

    Chytrid is an invasive fungus that swept through Central America, wiping out amphibians. Entire species vanished and the world barely noticed. Luckily Edgardo Griffith and Heidi Ross realized how close Panama's national animal might be to extinction. They breed dozens of species in captivity, and...

  • Inga

    Through her memoirs, Inga reflects about love, old age and death. We are invited into her home, as she doing her morning rituals and baths in the cold lake. The short portrait shows in artistic and intimate pictures, a day in a life, how it's like being old and what it means for Inga.

  • La Plume & Le Papier

    Alexis "Bust" Stephens is a street artist and dancer out of Paris, France who's motivation is to tap into the energy vibrations of all who view his work. This is a small glimpse into his brilliance.

  • Flipping the Switch

    LeeAnne Walters led a citizens’ movement that tested the tap water in Flint, Michigan, and exposed the Flint water crisis. The results showed that one in six homes had lead levels in water that exceeded the EPA’s safety threshold. Walters’ persistence compelled the local, state, and federal gover...

  • Quiet Explosions

    Every year thousands of people's lives are impacted and ruined by Traumatic Brain Injury. Now there is hope. Through the Warrior Angels Foundation and Dr. Mark Gordon, 1000's of vets and civilians are healing and returning to a normal and full life. This includes such well-known people as Mark ...

  • The Circle of Life

    In Singapore the Oriental Pied Hornbill is so widespread, that it is hard to believe they only recolonised this tiny island city state recently. The popular hornbill is well adapted to the urban environment. Yet, the increasing reports of their nest predation behaviour are shifting the public per...