• What'll Happen

    Families in city life or in the countryside should ensure that their children live and receive good education they ask. Having children read and occupy, with difficulties in the provinces like themselves METE family, who wants not to deal with, also ensures that Alperen gets a good education and ...

  • Baring Iran

    Mouchette is an articulate Iranian artist who shoots stunning nudist photography in her subject's
    homes in Tehran.
    Due to Iran's strict suppression of the liberal arts, it's a dangerous passion for Mouchette and her
    elusive subjects. In contrast to the hard-line, religious side of Iran shown in t...

  • Birds without Wings

    Two adults who grew up in the slums of Delhi strive to give new wings to the kids bounded by the shackles of poverty, drugs, and society.

  • Bloodless Massacres

    Halabja city, known as The Marytr City of Halabja is a city in the Kurdistan Iraq ,in 1974, the city was bombarded by two aircrafts belonging to the Iraqi regime known as The Ba’ath. In 1988, the very same regime attacked the city using inhumane chemical weapons, killing thousands. We have recove...

  • The Dogs of the Future

    In 1957, the Soviet Union shocked the world by sending a dog into space. In 1960, they did it again. This short documentary explores the adventures of possibly the 3 most famous dogs in history and how their mission was crucial to modern day space travel.

  • Gangaram

    In India, it is commonplace for village-folk to move to the cities in search of work. They often spend majority of their lifetimes with a single family as caretakers, tending to their daily needs. Having been with our family for over 4 decades, Gangaram has become one such indispensable gear to o...

  • With...Out

    We only have one planet earth. That's why we have to care for her. People will not survive without earth. The earth will survive without people.

  • The Dirty Jersey

    The Dirty Jersey is an animated documentary short film that explores the sex culture in one of the Navy Boot Camp housing units nicknamed "The Dirty Jersey" located in Great Lakes, Illinois.

  • The RIght Side

    Documentary about moto customization in Moscow

  • Psychology of Migration

    World-renowned psychoanalyst Prof.Dr. Vamik Volkan talks about the immigrant problem and immigration psychology in the world. What is the basic psychology of immigration and immigrant? We learn it.

  • Boogaloo

    The teacher will appear when the student is ready. This is a success story.

  • Criteria of Rape

    How come victims of rape don’t dare to push charges? Why do they feel shame? Do the rapist realize what they have done? And why is it so hard to say that you have been raped? These are some of the question that “Criteria of Rape” asks and Emelie Kastberg, a rape victim on a feature film productio...

  • Que Vida

    Chris Publow's beautiful journey into woodworking. He is enjoying this craft and honoring an old friend.

  • Listener's Story

    An independent radio broadcaster tries to make a peace with his past by listening to his listener’s story via radio’s telephone line.

  • Young and Creative

    Young and Creative is a short film narrated by Troy Pierre II. His story and inspiring message encourage the next generation of creators to create regardless of people’s expectations.

  • The Compound

    This documentary takes a look at the life events and struggles of sound engineer/drummer, Andrew Jaimez, as he built his recording studio, The Compound East LA.

  • The Drummer

    "The Drummer” is the poetic description of one man’s unique voyage. Here he describes what it takes to make it as a musician in a society where such a profession is considered to be unacceptable for most people, especially when it comes to putting food on the table. His words explain the values o...

  • The Hope of Oyemen

    A young black actress making a place for herself in the face of family, social and acting world pressures.

  • Gazmend Leka

    This is an artistic short documentary about the Albanian painter Gazmend Leka. In this documentary he confesses his private process in the studio through the visual language and also the struggles of the artist to overcome himself.

  • City On the Hill

    Tech giant Google has pledged $1 billion to build more housing in the Bay Area. The plan includes 15,000 units on its own land, 5,000 additional affordable units over the next decade, and $50 million in grants to help non-profits who are combating homelessness and displacement. The Bay Area curre...

  • Life on the Boat

    Leslie Willis, a 74-year-old sailor, is taking time to go sailing every week, even at his age. He shows the importance of living in harmony with nature and, consequently, with oneself. How important it is to focus on the present, follow your passions, maintain your hobbies and stay active until o...