• The Shut-in

    Sherry, a single mother struggles to connect with her reclusive son but soon finds help from a mysterious nanny who changes everything through some unconventional methods.

  • Brick MADNESS

    An underdog must defeat the arrogant national Brix champion to reclaim his charity and clear the name of a fallen champion.

  • Invisible

    Pierre, a very shy genetician gets to work with the girl he secretly loves. He decides to test a chemical product in order to stop blushing when he's in the same room as her. But the experiment goes wrong, and Pierre becomes invisible. And this is how he is going to become truly visible to her eyes.

  • Good Ol' Bernie

    Just retired, Bernie has only one goal left: Win the next regional game of race walking.

  • David Lynch's Backyard

    A boy finds himself in Mr. Lynch’s surreal backyard with chickens.

  • 90 BPM

    A shot. A body falls from a building. A countdown starts. A car pulls away, leaving, and a man, Cristian, chases her, starting his frantic race to reach her. During the chase, the man will find himself involved in a series of strange encounters with different characters who will help him (or hind...

  • Cooking on the Frankston Line 2: Jim's Beugs

    Ricky's back at the courthouse again, he got some complaints about his stunt on the train. The judge said Ricky you need a purpose so she hit him with a bunch more community service. This time around Ricky teaches the lazy youth a thing or two about the environment.

  • Salt Water Taffy

    Saltwater Taffy shows us there are two types of people in this world. Those honor a contract and those that do not. In this Dark Comedy a landlord is here to collect, and the tenant is not having it. Hopefully a little taffy will help smooth things over.

  • The Doubt in the Flesh

    After breaking up with her boyfriend, Julia goes through several changes in her life. She is surrounded by her family, friends and her psychologist but she still feels alone.

  • Night of the Witch

    It's 1989 and there's a horrid legend. A tale of a Maddy Martha the evil witch who comes out on Hallows Eve to kill those who party and sin. Throwing caution and lore against the wind, a group of young adults decide to throw a Halloween bash. One by one they are killed by a masked murderer until ...