• David Lynch's Backyard

    A boy finds himself in Mr. Lynch’s surreal backyard with chickens.

  • Conquer

    When a young girl gets lost in the forest, she finds something unexpected.

  • Travel Bud

    Follow Bud from seed to wildflower as he endures climate change in the hope of a better life.

  • Robot Rendezvous

    An amateur photographer who is keen on winning a photography competition stumbles upon a retro-style camera only to find out it belongs to a robot. The photographer later finds out that this robot is amazing at taking photographs and begs it to teach him to be a better photographer with the hope ...

  • Mind (FULL)

    An abstract animated short that embarks upon a journey through the mind, from a state of chaos to relative calm, using repeated motifs and imagery to embody feelings of panic and distress, as well as the rhythm of breathing.

  • Continue

    A story about dealing with life's hardships and finding hope.

  • Game Shift

    a film where it's a game playing and the game shift between different styles and game genres

  • Kurt

    A cuckoo falls in love with a beautiful robin. The only thing that's holding him back is... his cuckoo clock.

  • The Evil Eye

    This is a story of a creature who is cursed with the ability to inflict the evil eye. Because of this curse it is shunned by all other living things and it is forced to wonder the earth through space and time in search of peace.

  • Companion

    Companion is a short stop-motion film that expresses the freindship between a dog and a human. The story follows a dogs life and the interactions he has with his owner and other animals along the way.

  • Wer Bin Ich?

    A magic spell to reverse everything around us and find myself back again


    A beautiful disaster is about to unfold.


    A docu-animated short film depicting the memories of LGBTQ-identifying individuals relating to love, sex, and identity.

  • Unsafe Spaces

    As the Coronavirus pandemic affects millions globally, the world is self isolating in the comfort of their own space-their home. But for so many people out there home isn't a very safe place to begin with. This is a piece we created in an effort to bring some attention to the rising cases in dome...

  • A New Vision

    A Film by Michael Strauss
    Words & Music by Darpan + Temple Step Project

    In these unprecendented times we are faced with an opportunity to help bring us back to a point of balance. This invocation has been created to help facilitate what is being called for - A New Vision.

  • The Fox and The Cat- From The Brothers Grimm

    a cat and a fox discuss how many tricks and dodges they have. The fox boasts that he has many; the cat confesses to having only one. When hunters arrive with their dogs, the cat quickly decides to climb a tree, but the fox thinks of many ways without acting and is caught by the hounds.

  • Stump

    An oblivious force meets an unforgiving object.
    Made over the course of 1 year.

  • Carnies in Space

    A group of unpopular carnies are abducted to fulfill an ancient extraterrestrial prophecy. It is up to one foolish clown to teach his new alien friends how to juggle

  • With Me

    In this short animation, Rocky, a dog, learns there's more to be done than just waiting for his owner's return.

  • Pedal to the Metal

    What if the road to a rock concert was just as exhilarating as the concert itself? Join two super fans, Brock and Roxy, as they race through a rock-and-roll themed desert to see their favorite band before the stadium fills up!

  • Kevin and the Seashell

    A curious and determined fox named Kevin is about to finish his ultimate sandcastle with the pink seashell he finds. But just before he claims it for himself, something mysterious swoops in...

  • Tapped Out

    A viking beer tap handle must stop at nothing to prevent a hopelessly drunk man from leaving the bar and getting behind the wheel.

  • The Goblin Pact

    A pact is made with a Goblin, with disastrous results.

  • Cycle

    An explorer arrives at a mountaintop temple and is confronted by its guardian