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Uncle Griot



  • Queen of the Sea

    How can a reverse mermaid compare to a beautiful mermaid? Long answer short: she definitely can't. Saddened by the Mermaid Queen's rejection, the reverse mermaid swims off and finds an old sea witch with a promise she can't turn down.

    Dedicated to my older sister, Melody Miller.

  • Go! Go!

    Aaron the alligator, who lives his entire life in a tank in an animal theme park, is fascinated by the fireworks that are displayed in the park every night. He has a dream to see the fireworks up close. One day, he accidentally gets loose and makes his way into the park looking for the fireworks....

  • Run Little Boy

    When Little Boy attempts to escape an ominous force chasing after him, he becomes trapped within a nightmarish world. The deeper he travels into this realm, the more he learns how it is systematically designed to destroy him. Running up against cruel and callous opponents, Little Boy must quickly...