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Beware the Wolf!



  • Barbie's Magic Box

    We are dolls. Unfortunately, we don't care from war and suffering. According to Jean Baudrillard, a person watches the Sudanese Civil War on TV with the same apathy as when she watches a toilet paper commercial. Although the war continues after she turns the TV off, it is over for her. That unive...

  • Little Dan

    This is a story that a little girl is having fun in an amusement park. This park stands beneath her heart, which is full of excitement, happiness, leisure and mystery. It walks from 1990s and accompanies her through every night.

  • I am not Alice but here is Wonderland

    We cross the galaxies, cross different planets, and get to Earth . Alice lives with her family happily and she has friends such as the tree and the birds which has draw them. she has a happy family.
    She figures out that the people on the other side of the window are different .
    They are like wild...