• Flee

    A mosquito explores the world that he is no when he suddenly meets a hungry frog.

  • Away

    An ice floe, a big man, a fish and a reality not quite like the others.


    During the First World War, a French deserter hides in an abandoned house. But when he sees a plane about to bomb the village, he rescues a child unaware of the danger

  • Deep Fears

    A sea otter who is afraid of the ocean is challenged to face his fears when he loses his precious pink shell necklace at sea.

  • Doomsisters

    A sea otter who is afraid of the ocean is challenged to face his fears when he loses his precious pink shell necklace at sea.

  • The Dogs of the Future

    In 1957, the Soviet Union shocked the world by sending a dog into space. In 1960, they did it again. This short documentary explores the adventures of possibly the 3 most famous dogs in history and how their mission was crucial to modern day space travel.

  • Super Science Friends - The Magnificent Episode Seven

    Saddle up cowboys and cowgirls! The Super Science Friends are back, and this time they've been rendered powerless at the hands of their greatest nemesis! Except they weren't really aware he even existed until today.

  • Altered

    Anticipation film depicting about our evolution as a species. In a dystopian world where we have been replaced by man-made sentient beings. “ALTERED” is their last message to us.

  • Small Spark

    A small mouse lives in the middle of books and their epic adventures. When the candle goes out and when the matchbox is empty, it’s her turn to live a dangerous adventure throughout the house, in search of a small spark.

  • The Beard

    My diploma film is about a man who loved and adored his beard and lived with her in perfect harmony, until suddenly he meets a woman. The man turns his attention to the woman, thereby causing a love triangle.The Beard jealous man, and in every way prevents him and the girl closer.

  • Impresario

    A retired Impresario takes his granddaughter on a magical tour of the old theatre.

  • The Outcome

    A dance film inspired by the emotions and experiences of my father's refugee story.

  • One Left

    "One Left" takes place in a world where life is symbolized by a heart pictogram that appears above a person's head.
    Several patients are waiting in a doctor’s office to hear test results regarding their remaining lifetimes. In most cases, the allotted time is not as long as they had hoped for.

  • A Tasty Fish

    A baby, the firstborn, comes into this world. Though her parents are human, the baby is a fish - and into the lake she is thrown.
    Another baby is born. This little girl knows not of her older sister, but the two will meet, over shared blood and history, and through the future generation. This is ...

  • Sea ya

    Sea ya is a 2D and 3D animated film about plastic pollution, especially in the ocean. The story trace the journey of so-called single-use plastic products from their first use to their infiltration of human bodies.

  • Relative

    In a world of change, nothing is what it seems.

  • Hulu Berlu

    In the deep forest, the alarm clock goes off. The owl is already late.

  • Beware the Wolf!

    Once again, Little Red Riding Hood has to bring a cake, a jar of jam and butter to his grandmother. But this time, the wolf is not at the rendezvous.

  • Barbie's Magic Box

    We are dolls. Unfortunately, we don't care from war and suffering. According to Jean Baudrillard, a person watches the Sudanese Civil War on TV with the same apathy as when she watches a toilet paper commercial. Although the war continues after she turns the TV off, it is over for her. That unive...

  • Little Dan

    This is a story that a little girl is having fun in an amusement park. This park stands beneath her heart, which is full of excitement, happiness, leisure and mystery. It walks from 1990s and accompanies her through every night.

  • I am not Alice but here is Wonderland

    We cross the galaxies, cross different planets, and get to Earth . Alice lives with her family happily and she has friends such as the tree and the birds which has draw them. she has a happy family.
    She figures out that the people on the other side of the window are different .
    They are like wild...

  • I listen

    I'm kept awake at night by a periodic clicking noise. I don't know where from.

  • Bleuler

    Short experimental film about Schizophrenia.

  • Liquid Solid

    Waves of small coloured glass pieces weave across screen. Shapes appear, merge, and disintegrate. There are patterns in the disorder. From the chaos a form is created.