• Journey

    "Journey", a Taiwanese language short( Written in Chinese as: "三彩船之梦“) is based on the true story of a young Taiwanese painter, set in the 1930s. The Artist, Kuo Hsueh-Hu struggled to become an artist, at a time where the artistic profession was less respected and impractical. With support from h...

  • The Passenger

    Set in 1970s America, Elliot, an uptight businessman, has been trialed for a series of murders. However, due to the prosecution's evidence not being convincing, Elliot was able to walk free, avoiding a guilty charge. Although, what he does not know is that one of the victim’s fathers, Jake, a loc...

  • The Peach Scarf

    While browsing in the market, Daisy is distracted by a bird who has stolen a scarf from a pretty stranger, Camille. She hops to action to help reclaim the scarf for Camille, but runs into trouble along the way. Undeterred, Daisy finds her own way to restore the beloved peach scarf to Camille.

  • The Shut-in

    Sherry, a single mother struggles to connect with her reclusive son but soon finds help from a mysterious nanny who changes everything through some unconventional methods.

  • The Door

    6 siblings go for a hike and come across a door standing in the middle of the trail. (Due to COVID, the film was made by having actors in 5 different cities submit their lines without knowing the script or other lines)

  • The Box Assassin

    A pizza delivery boy finds himself in the middle of a clash between a gangster boss and a legendary assassin who the boy has unknowingly delivered instead of pizza.

  • Juanion

    Juan Gutierrez is a small onion man that realizes that his "curse" of making people cry is actually the best gift life could have given him.

  • Momento

    "Momento" is a dark cyberpunk animated short film about the concept of reality and existence within a virtual mind.

  • Goalie

    During a foosball goalkeeper's frustration of being unable to get involved in the action, his pole breaks. He tries to show that he is meant for more than 'just' a goalkeeper. However, he quickly comes to realize that the goalkeeper position is an extremely important part of the team and game.

  • Liquid Solid

    Waves of small coloured glass pieces weave across screen. Shapes appear, merge, and disintegrate. There are patterns in the disorder. From the chaos a form is created.

  • Unusually Gifted

    Herb is a mathematics whizz with a formula for every occasion. But what's the formula for making a new friend?

  • Void Mountain

    The project hopes people to attach importance to ecology and environment. The lighting bug travels in Void Mountain and discovers many ecologies. But the cloud tries to damage this place. So the lighting bug becomes the hope in the mountain, It saves all ecologies, let the mountain return to peac...

  • The Outcome

    A dance film inspired by the emotions and experiences of my father's refugee story.

  • Impresario

    A retired Impresario takes his granddaughter on a magical tour of the old theatre.

  • Deep Fears

    A sea otter who is afraid of the ocean is challenged to face his fears when he loses his precious pink shell necklace at sea.

  • The Dogs of the Future

    In 1957, the Soviet Union shocked the world by sending a dog into space. In 1960, they did it again. This short documentary explores the adventures of possibly the 3 most famous dogs in history and how their mission was crucial to modern day space travel.


    Boy having a fear of water has to save his drowning goat.

  • Cards Out

    A boy passionate about cards discovers the monsters in his closet.

  • Emma Lost in Fashion

    Emma got lost in the Fashion World. Follow her emotional journey through doubt, acceptance, addiction and love.

  • David Lynch's Backyard

    A boy finds himself in Mr. Lynch’s surreal backyard with chickens.

  • Unsafe Spaces

    As the Coronavirus pandemic affects millions globally, the world is self isolating in the comfort of their own space-their home. But for so many people out there home isn't a very safe place to begin with. This is a piece we created in an effort to bring some attention to the rising cases in dome...

  • The Goblin Pact

    A pact is made with a Goblin, with disastrous results.

  • Away

    An ice floe, a big man, a fish and a reality not quite like the others.


    During the First World War, a French deserter hides in an abandoned house. But when he sees a plane about to bomb the village, he rescues a child unaware of the danger