A glimpse at what inspires future artists, animators, students, and professional artists who make the world of animation what it is today.


    MANDALA is an animated short film about the Impermanence of Things. Once a Mandala is completed, it is brushed away - never to exist again. And in that very act of “destruction” of Mandala lies the process of renewal. As the Mandala’s sand is returned to the earth, the metaphor for the continual ...

  • The Plaza

    A music driven figure skating routine that realizes the construction of the Empire State Plaza of the Capital of New York.

  • Just a Small

    Just like ancient mural paintings, a painting drawn on six of 30 inches * 40 inches panels has a story to tell. It is a story of a small eel wishing to become something greater than itself.

  • Red Earth

    A monster born from the climate crisis rains down the fires of hell upon an innocent wallaby. This film was created before the Australian Bushfire Crisis.

  • Closer

    Isolation is difficult. Social distancing especially harder. 2020 is a particularly strange year and it's a year of being able to sit down and really reflect where society should go next. To pause and think about the consequences of our actions.
    To ask all of ourselves -- where do we go from here?