• Nadia Jaan

    Trapped between two worlds, an Afghan-American woman must choose between the woman she loves or the traditions and marriage that is expected of her.

  • All The Wild Horses

    All The Wild Horses follows five international riders from the USA, Canada, South Africa, Ireland and the UK as they compete in the Mongol Derby horse race in Mongolia. This multi-horse, multi-station race over a 1000 kilometers of Mongolian steppe is the longest and toughest horse race on the pl...

  • Black, White & Us

    “Black, White & US” explores racism in America like it has never been seen before through the lives of four white families in Utah who adopt African American children and overcome their own inherent biases to become advocates. From the award-winning filmmaker of "An Ordinary Hero" and "The Uncom...

  • 15 Minutes

    Inmates are only allowed 15 minutes at a time for phone calls. Akhi finds himself incarcerated for defending his drug addicted uncle. His grandmother is not in the best of health. His younger sister has a heart-breaking secret. But it's his next phone call home that will be his most difficult tes...

  • A Life Together

    Davo and Valletta (aka Daughter) have remained fiercely loyal to each other for 24 years. The many hardships they have faced and their tender relationship take place both on and off the streets of the Melbourne, amidst mainstream society, but not within it. An intimate portrait of outsiders and o...

  • Closed Circuit

    A robot cares for a ship full of sleeping passengers on an interstellar voyage, and one day she discovers she is not alone.

  • Burning Highway

    Two friends travel across the desert southwest to find out how ones estranged father died, and empty his bank box. As they discover mysterious carved statues and other clues, the two also realize they are being stalked by an ex-girlfriend and crazy brother who also want the contents of the box.


  • Chalk Day

    The following poorly made short film was crafted together on my daily walks during Safer at Home, while adhering to all safety guidelines (filmed before mask requirement) of getting air and staying the heck away from people. Inspired the beautiful art of Chalk Day that popped up all over town.

  • Hide or Seek

    Andrew introduces his boyfriend to his childhood friends by playing a nostalgic - and terrifying - game of Hide and Seek. The game turns deadly when he discovers someone from his past hiding in the shadows, out for violent revenge.

  • Lonely Hearts

    Celeste, a lonely outcast, searches for love and understanding online and meets a charming man who has a much different date night in mind.

  • A Dog Leashed

    Self-reflection through meditation. A look at the shadow self.

  • Cookies, Tea & Spices

    A collection of stories of passion and perseverance of 3 diasporas living in Paris. Their culinary craft reflects who they are and their unique journey. Woven by a poetic narrative that explores the inner feeling of belonging and the search within. A celebration of human creativity and the desire...

  • Bruised Fruit

    Struggling to survive on the margins of society, two outcasts manage to build a beautiful friendship as they face loss and hardship.

  • Anna

    November 1815. An enslaved woman named Anna is sold away from her family in Maryland to slave traders, taken to Washington, D.C., and locked in a tavern 'garret.' She is about to be sent to Georgia and separated from her husband and children. Desperate and trapped, she makes a decision that chang...

  • Aurora

    Humanity has left Earth to start a new life on Planet Alpas. Azzara's fiancé Jake sends her voice messages urging her to get aboard the last shuttle to Alpas, but Azzara struggles to leave her beloved planet behind.

  • ANNA (Kidnapper)

    196X. Anna, an enigmatic and attractive professional kidnapper, abducts The Professor during his wedding ceremony on request from one of the latter’s former girlfriend. This woman, whose face Anna has never seen, wishes to die with The Professor before he marries. Leaving the church with The Prof...

  • A Park for Detroit

    In the 1890s, the city of Detroit hired famed landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted (co- designer of New York City’s Central Park) to create a one-of-a-kind park on Belle Isle in the Detroit River. In this updated film from 2015, the director uses news footage and surveillance tapes from moti...

  • Besides These Walls

    One man’s long dark night of the soul is poetically captured in a monologue-driven drama. Following the languorous meditations of an alcoholic man, this experimental-realist hybrid film is both meditative and atmospheric.
    An internalised drama and a gripping portrait of a man in crisis.

  • Body Positivity

    Body positivity is a social movement rooted in the belief that all human beings should have a positive body image while challenging the ways in which society presents and views the physical body. In this short film, I decided to tackle the complex mind of a male who out on the surface to anyone m...

  • One Thousand Eyes

    In a psychological landscape created by the eager eyes of men, womankind stares back. Behind every corner, in every window and hidden in the moonlit suburban streets – the male gaze is ever present.

  • Te Moana

    Te Moana is a story about cultural return that circles around a whale who redresses a history of colonisation for the Rangiwaho Marae, a Maori tribe in Poverty Bay, Aotearoa New Zealand. Following the journey of a repatriation of material heritage taken 250 years ago, on the anniversary of Captai...

  • Tapioca Diary

    Takashi, who came to study in his dream city Taiwan, have found the fun of the friendship and love which he have never discovered in Japan. However, the time has passed very fast while he found it very difficult to tell his mind to the one he love. Though his love ended up sad without telling his...

  • JK

    An office argument gets settled on the baseball field.

  • Antonio Bellaire

    Antonio nicknamed Bellaire, is trying to run away and start his own life, but his family has other plans for his future.