• Crocodylus

    After a DNA experiment goes wrong, a hideous creature lurks the small town of Peaceful Creek

  • Crazywise

    What if a psychological crisis was seen as having the potential to be a positive transformative experience, instead of a "broken brain"?

    Human-rights photographer Phil Borges witnessed how indigenous cultures around the world often identify “psychotic” symptoms as an indicator of shamanic potent...

  • The Four Levels of Existence

    A hitherto unknown band from Greece features among the world’s biggest names in the psychedelic rock music scene.

    In 1976, four young friends from Athens form the band “The 4 Levels of Existence”. They compose, rehearse in improvised music studios, and record their first and only album, realizin...

  • Danger Bill

    Bill, a mild-mannered tear diffuser, sets out to conquer his fears of traveling to the center of the sink despite numerous warnings from his friend Phil, a faucet.

  • Detox

    After her only true love left, Clara, the protagonist of this honest arthouse project, lived the most devastating experience of her life. Even though she tried to find her own ways of dealing
    with loneliness, nothing felt the same as it used to be when her girlfriend was around. Through powerful ...

  • Discontent

    It is a parable of someone who has had enough of the world so he decides to block it out.

  • Down the Caravan

    ‘Down the Caravan' is a comedy drama set on a caravan site and clubhouse in West Wales. The clubhouse is generally the small seaside town's local pub where the locals and caravaners drink and socialise. Dai Hyatt, a farmer’s son, has transformed Evergreen Campsite into a successful business along...

  • Dungeness

    A young woman is forced to reunite with the father she has had no contact with for over 10 years

  • Dunk

    A clown walks into a bar... where the everyday comedy and tragedy of life shake hands.

  • Dance with a Demon

    Inside a fantasy world of dance, a lost Mother must fight for her survival, or become another victim of the demonic clutches of depression.

  • Equinox

    A day in the life of a hill on the equinox.

  • Ella

    Two brothers find themselves in a deadly predicament after a seemingly normal piece of technology becomes a killing machine.

  • DugOut

    Ben and James have been on several 'adventures' together, from pulling a sofa across southern England to swimming the length of a knee deep river in Dorset. Making films about our trips has become a part of the journey. We wanted to build on these journeys in our latest project but also make some...

  • Diamond In The Rough

    It's a battle of wits and kicks when Brayden, the charming new thief on the block tries to rob Chloe, a mastermind jewel thief.

  • Eagleman

    Eagleman, alt-righteous defender of United City, leaps to the rescue when the city is under attack! But, what will our hero do when he kills an unarmed black teen during his caped crusade?

  • Egress

    Holed up and hunkered down in an abandoned warehouse, a woman prepares to confront her tormentor alone. But as she counts the days, and the days turn into months, his identity remains concealed. Is he her captor, or her father? Her lover, or her killer? Trying to see her quandary more clearly, sh...

  • My Hundreds of Brothers and Sisters

    A short documentary about an orphanage that helped children after World War Two.

  • For You, Alexis

    For You, Alexis is a love letter from Sulem Urbina to her younger brother, Alexis. Both boxers, the two had a dream of reaching the 2016 Olympics together. Sulem would represent Mexico and Alexis the United States. On a September day in 2013, the dream was stolen from them and now with the help ...

  • The Safe Birth

    „The Safe Birth – Do we need Midwives?“ is a documentary about what makes birth safer and healthier. It shows the impact of routine medical interventions on the mother-child bond. It shows
    that the Caesarian is not a safe alternative to vaginal birth, considering the risk of chronic
    diseases: neu...


    The story begins with Greek Americans during the 60's embracing these changing times despite their conservative upbringings. Each decade influences the Greek community with events such as the Invasion of Cyprus and the nomination of Michael S. Dukakis for President of the United States. Heartfelt...

  • Eating Up Easter

    In a cinematic letter to his son, native Rapanui (Easter Island) filmmaker Sergio Mata’u Rapu explores the modern dilemma of their people, descendants of the ancient statue builders, as they face the consequences of their rapidly developing home.

  • For Lily

    A man with limited time remaining forces a doctor to get the medication he needs to save his daughter.

  • For Summer

    For Summer is a haunting short horror film exploring a couple’s broken relationship in the aftermath of grief, and the terrifying results.