• Ghost Town

    Photographer Daniel takes a journey into the high desert that yields more than just some pictures of an old abandoned ghost town, but a chance meeting with an old timer named Jim, and a discovery that will change not only how he sees his own life, but the meaning of life itself.

  • Frederick

    Frederick is the story of a high profile painter and art gallery owner, who suffers from an intense version of “artist’s block.” However, his passion reignites when he has an idea for a new controversial project. To his surprise, he receives an unexpected visit from an intimidating yet oblivious ...

  • Frontaliers Disaster

    Bussenghi is a cross-border worker who is late to work every day because of Swiss border guard Bernasconi. In a twist of fate, the two nemeses will have to coexist 24 hours a day and, aside from teasing each other about the differences between Italy and Switzerland, they begin to understand and ...

  • Crossroads

    Karen, a young, traumatized and abused woman is interrogated after she was found unconscious in a desolate desert. According to her, she witnessed a murder and is forced to relive the traumatic events in order to bring light to this case. A case that first seems straightforward but the story has ...

  • Handle with Care

    James is house sitting for an eccentric Entomologist (bug scientist) when one of the potentially dangerous creepy-crawlies escapes from its container. Now he needs to figure out a way to hunt down the creature, but isn't sure if he's the predator or the prey.

  • I'm Not Lost

    Lyndsay can’t find her way without her smartphone. Maybe some strangers on the streets of NYC can help?

  • Diversity Hire

    Who had a better interview? Who got the job? After interviewing with the best marketing firm in the city, Juliana and Ricky argue over which one of them stands a better chance of filling the new position.

  • Ella and the Sun

    Ella's best friends are the sun and wind, which cause her mother to try to "fix" her.

  • Jacob

    After finding his older brother's lifeless body, the suicide prompts cathartic changes in a young man. A true story about discovering the importance of humor amongst life's darkest moments.

  • Manufacturer of Dreams

    What kind of world are we in

    A liar with a smile

    a fake model

    a homeless man who keeps saying OMG

    a fanciful crystal

    The world is pretending

    looks natural

    They are all illusions

    It can fleetingly disappear

    Hollywood is the manufacturer of dreams

    Is the place for dreaming

    That is why th...

  • Crying F.U. Lady

    A Comical look at Pat's heart felt tears from election night Nov. 2016 through today. Pat now proudly wears those tears as a badge of honor as we watch a comical visualization of lies &
    broken promises from LGBT & Dacca, to
    Health Care & Taxes told to us by this current
    administration living in t...

  • Dr. On

    A mad scientist and his cohorts perform a series of mind-bending experiments on some patients, only to find an unpleasant surprise.

  • Don't Forget Me Calvary

    A Comedy About Life and Death.

  • Distance

    A modern day immigration story that focuses on a man's struggle with being away from his family, his home.

  • Line

    Greek instrumental music plays while a boy plays with a piece of rope. Around the boy, a man try to fish small fishes with a handmade cage. These scenes happened in a Greek refugee camp.

  • If Only You Were Free

    A surgeon straining under the pressure of his career and marriage, becomes imprisoned to the very thing he thought would set him free.

  • Honey West: The Gloria Fickling Story


    ...chronicles the trajectory and longevity of G.G. Fickling’s career, including her work as a fashion editor; her authorship of 11 Honey West novels; and her contribution to the path breaking Honey West television show….a show that changed the content and tr...

  • LChaim

    Aviva a starving Jewish woman is hiding alone in the forest. She witnesses a German farmer beating his son brutally with a stick. Aviva sets out to help him knowing the risks if caught.

  • Empowers Africa Conservation Trip - Dehorning a Rhino in the Wild

    This documentary focusses on raising awareness on the poaching of rhinos that are quickly becoming wiped out. Poachers shoot a rhino down, take what they need and leave the rest to rot away. We then take a closer look at what it takes to save the species of rhinos, which is protecting rhinos by s...

  • Hunted

    A woman is hunted by a hungry wolf when she astral projects to another realm. Music by Fashion Bird Danger Danger, featuring Lisa Hammer.

  • Culs-de-Sacs

    Manu, an awkward young man, tries to reconnect with his teenage crush during a road trip deep in the forest. As he realizes he cannot rekindle their relationship, unexplainable occurrences start disrupting their journey and the night takes a turn towards the surreal and nightmarish

  • Deporting Myself

    After almost 20 years in New York as an undocumented immigrant, Zsuzsanna must choose between leaving the U.S. voluntarily or living in constant fear of deportation.

  • Deaf Latinos Y Familias

    When Irma Sanchez found out all three of her children were born deaf and family members turned on her, she didn’t give up. She learned ASL and started Deaf Latinos y Familias, an organization in South Central for other Latino parents to find community and learn sign language. This is a story abou...