• Human-Cannabis II ASA

    Inspired by the ancient worship of hemp in Japan, ASA (the Japanese pronunciation of hemp) is a memorial of the plant's cultural heritage, enduring spiritual connections and untold histories.

    "Shinrabansyo" by Amano Sen
    "Awaken from A Dream" (Original) by Steven Wayne Thomas
    "Uncharted ...

  • The Spray

    When Jenny and Robert return late at night they find their flat being broken into. The police uses a magical spray to have all missing items reappear as glowing holograms. After they forget the spray, Jenny uses it to reveal a secret of Roberts past. She better wouldn ́t have done it...

  • Shivering Wall

    It’s a self-examined process for assessing your present time. In the regular bass sound surround space, you could find there are a few teenagers are having a madness house party, and there’s a girl awake but exhausted for being there. There’s a slight smog or light gently but regularly move in th...

  • I See Hope

    The Official Music Video for singer-songwriter Phil Circle's new single, "I See Hope." Recorded in quarantine between Chicago and Los Angeles, featuring quarantine video submissions from 20 friends and family. Produced and edited in Chicago, IL, USA.

  • Eleanor

    A struggling actress obsessed with landing the lead in a remake of her favorite film, vows to become the role before it's taken from her.

  • Curtain Call

    All the moments I have been on stage in childhood and what that has taught me.

  • Girls to the Front!

    Emma, Rachel, and April make up Dude Purse, an all girl punk band who find themselves preparing for their first gig. The girls find their friendship tested, when Emma’s former nemesis (and Rachel’s current girlfriend) shows up, putting the future of the band at stake.

  • In The Middle

    Forced to pick up arms, Ali, is stuck in between his crushed dreams and the harsh reality in the city of Aden as a product of the ongoing war in Yemen.
    The current war in Yemen is one of the most underreported conflicts. As the Middle East region is going through unstable developments, the...

  • Withdrawal

    David Guerin tried to numb himself to what happened, but the more he suppresses it, the more it manifests itself in his own reality. After a devastating episode where his mother discovered him with his lover in her bed, an injury from a subsequent struggle left her in a coma. Now he's taking Opia...

  • No Limits

    Travis Strong is a hero. By literally climbing mountains and working with other organizations to better his life, he intends to bring awareness for Limb Loss Patients as well as other various outreach programs through his hard work and determination to show that his accident does not define who h...

  • R4CH43L

    Five year old, Bob, finds out that his Ukrainian Catholic family is hiding Jews from the Nazis in the barn that overlooks the Kiev Jewish cemetery. He is witness to the routine murder of his neighbors and friends. Fifty years after his family is punished for their acts of humanity, Bob has a chan...

  • Lift Off

    The dichotomy between a young boy's childhood dreams and his adult reality.

  • EDNA

    Christopher and Alejandro are two artist brothers (one writer and the other model) who have been contactless for years; One Christmas Eve, his grandmother passed away; The two meet again during their funeral, where they discover "EDNA", a former organization dedicated to the theft and plagiarism ...

  • The Red Marsh

    An isolated fisherman's latent grief resurfaces when desperation causes him to look elsewhere for food.


    Winner Best Experimental Short, Los Angeles International Film Festival 2020. Fina, dressed in a dated nurse's uniform, runs through empty streets and dark alleys with a baby in her arms. She's frightened by sounds of the night, haunted by voices from her past. But she can’t escape or outrun what...

  • The Lost Melody

    After his apartment is robbed, an obsessed musician struggles to recreate his greatest work.

  • His Eyes Are Blue

    Set on a utopian ranch in the Texas Hill Country, His Eyes Are Blue traces the growth of a snarky teenage boy as he struggles to write his college admissions essay.

  • Stargazer

    An alien visits Earth, and helps an astronomer leave his girlfriend.

  • Jonah

    The story of an artist, told by the paint of their brush.

  • The Next Stop

    ‘The Next Stop’ is the story of Rochelle Roy, AKA ‘Mo The Dancer’, and her journey through the male-dominated world of New York street dance. Growing up in Brownsville, Brooklyn, Mo has always been surrounded by, and had a connection to dance. The Next Stop traces this passion to date and tells t...

  • Wonderland

    A young woman makes one last trip to the beach before leaving town.


    A teenage home health care worker in the deep south forms a special bond with her first client, a trans man in the final months of his life.


    Girl and A Gun is a short film about a young artist, Birdie, who finds herself in a life changing moment when her older mentor of a year, Roger, crosses a boundary and kisses her. Not romantically interested in Roger, Birdie leaves the situation shocked and literally speechless. This is not a sto...