• Pravo Oro

    Traditional Macedonian folk song.
    Filmed at Baskerville Hall, Hereford, England.

    Maya Love - Vocals, Bagpipes
    Daygan Robinson - Mandolin
    Helen Brock - Violin
    Kit Morgan - Acoustic Guitar, Oud
    Sunny Davidson - Bass
    Gem Cormac Quinn - Drums

  • The Stronger

    The Stronger is an adaptation of the homonymous play by A. Strindberg. Character A sees her friend, character B in a cafe and sits with her. She starts what it looks like a casual conversation -while B keeps quiet- but it will turn into a confrontation about a secret affair B has had with her hus...

  • Triple Cantilevers Grinding to a Halt

    Brooklyn Heights is bracing for lengthy repairs on a deteriorating highway and a cherished park that is stacked on top of the cantilevered highway. When the Department of Transportation proposed a "Promenade Highway" while it rebuild the BQE, public outcry was so intense that Mayor De Blasio form...

  • Troublemaker

    On the run from an arranged marriage, a young woman is captured by a bounty hunter who has been tasked with bringing her home to her wealthy father to be wed. Set in 1880's wild West.


    A powerful documentary that confronts how people released from prison continue to pay for the mistakes of their past while still holding out hope for the future.

  • From Pain to Purpose

    Published author and now amateur filmmaker, Eva's Capstone project for the University of San Francisco Master's in Public Leadership program is a short film exploring women veterans post-military life challenges - we all have our stories. The film also considers the quest for community solutions....

  • Letters From Long Binh

    In the fall of 1968, a 26-year old Army Captain finds himself halfway across the world in Vietnam. From Long Binh Post, Bruce Stern connects with his friends and family at home while he tries to maintain a sense of normalcy in a turbulent time. Through dozens of talking letters, hundreds of writt...

  • Are you there, Andy?

    Short Synopsis:

    Andy Kaufman supposedly died of lung cancer 36 years ago, and many people are sure he’s really gone. Others, not so much. I’m obsessed with Andy Kaufman and this documentary chronicles my quest to find out where the comedian has been hiding all these years.

    Long Synopsis:

    Andy ...

  • Hollow

    A young investigator experiences strange phenomena in a recently abandoned house.

  • Ignis Fatuus

    A philosophical take on our existential predicament in the age of Google, Wikipedia, GPS and social media where the line between knowledge and ignorance, facts and falsehood, reality and illusion is ever so thinly drawn.

  • The Miracle Twerker

    This comedy-adventure follows Carla, a stripper, who discovers she has the power to resurrect the dead. When news of her powers hits the news, local religious zealots try to bring her down. This is a superhero tale about accepting that modern day miracles can happen in unexpected

  • Alex's Strip

    A teenager is reunited with her father, a Spanish merchant who has spent a long time in jail after being wrongly accused. She accompanies him on a business trip to India, where an unexpected turn of events threatens to separate them again.

  • Sophie Goes Ape

    Circus star Mrs. Gargantua reads about a lady who dresses like a gorilla, to get back at her tormenter.

  • Siobhan

    A woman falls under suspicion when her partner seemingly disappears after reporting a domestic disturbance.

  • Ahma & Alan

    Ahma & Alan is a comedic/dramatic short film about a Taiwanese grandma (ahma) that has to travel from a rural town in central Taiwan to the capital city of Taipei in the north to pull Alan, her American-born grandson, out of jail before he gets deported by a vindictive police officer.

  • Still Life

    A woman has a great relationship with her father, but not her mother. Her mother doesn't like the fact she's a photographer. Her father has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and mother and daughter are faced with dealing with each other.

  • Dirty Love

    An Arab-Canadian Muslim woman decides to sell sex toys when she finds herself out of a job.

  • Shoe Horn / Office

    This film deals with the restrictive nature of women's clothing throughout the ages and also with sexism in general.

  • I Hate This Fkn Job

    Young, driven and professional, Naima Ali is the only woman of color in her office. On the surface seemingly no issues but once peeled back the pages of her employer, Winning Magazine, we get to see why Naima feels the way she does. Naima's coworkers might not deal with issues the way she does, h...

  • A Walk In The Forest

    Walks in the forest can be surprising. You never know what awaits you behind a tree. At first, the atmosphere can seem disturbing. This is not a trivial bucolic stroll. But the "walk" evolves to end with a serene and motionless appeasement, where dangers and constraints no longer exist. The whole...

  • DVD & Chill

    In the City of Angels, a jungle filled with predators & opportunists perpetually on the prowl, Zora a beautifully exotic groupie wants nothing more than to rub shoulders with her celebrity obsession & Hollywood hunk Shemar Moor. So she arranges to spend the evening watching a DVD at her condo wit...

  • Letters from a Father

    A young woman must make the choice whether to allow her abusive father back into her life.

  • In The Hut of Mr Van Den Brink

    In this modern fairy tale the two small-time crooks Heiko and Marcello end up in the hut of Mr. van den Brink. Having fled the police they hide in a garden house but then wake up with their hands and feet bound. From now on the owner of their hiding place, Mr. van den Brink, is calling the shots.

  • Queen of the Sea

    How can a reverse mermaid compare to a beautiful mermaid? Long answer short: she definitely can't. Saddened by the Mermaid Queen's rejection, the reverse mermaid swims off and finds an old sea witch with a promise she can't turn down.

    Dedicated to my older sister, Melody Miller.