• Death Everything Nothing

    Separated by distance, time, and a pandemic, a daughter wrestles with her mother's impending death.

  • Masterjam

    The fallout of a sibling's suicide on a family, the accelerated deaths of the parents and the investigation into the root cause. Brian was “the glue that held everything together,” recalls a family member in the first few minutes of “Masterjam.” To some it probably wasn’t a surprise, then, when t...

  • Senseless

    An isolated soldier holds his position and prisoner during the downfall of a Nuclear War. Inspired by real stories from modern times, an anti-war animated film about the irrational behaviour of men during war.


    Fifteen years after a psychotic event on the South China Sea flipped his life upside down, Alex, a sensitive, refined and schizophrenic man is at a crossroads. His grand-mother and confidante, who would like to die with peace of mind, insists that he tries to find a girlfriend. His encounter with...

  • Bated Breath

    Bated Breath is about a young woman who struggles with severe anxiety. When Hannah Keys takes a trip home to visit her family, her anxiety is only worsened when her current life circumstances are brought to the table. Told over the course of a weekend, this film explores the relationship dynamic ...


    Being kids of their times, these two girls are ready to do anything to promote their music and become the next media hype of the century! With uncompromising ambition these two artists strip their entire privacy, following the dictate of view analysis and dissection of their followers´ behavior. ...


    When you hear aviation, you think about traveling, connecting people all over the world, exploring new cultures and ethnicities and learning about diversity.
    But the backstage isn't that bright as it seems. The Aviation industry's an old white male dominated business. Only 3% of the CEO's cha...

  • A House Inside a Painting Inside a House

    If you care for someone with Alzheimer's disease or dementia, you’re dealing with the loss of a person you loved while you also come to terms with the person that remains. Loving that new person by letting them have their space and dignity is perhaps the hardest and best thing that you can do. Th...

  • A Hole

    A man digs a hole, people watch him do it.

    A skilled workman digs a perfect hole in a cracked earthen plain in an endless warehouse, a series of well-dressed people come and sit on comfortable couches offering contradictory opinions, and the job gradually unravels.

  • Researcher

    It's the first part of my sci-fi short film "Researcher" I've been working on since 2015. For more than 4 years I created different ideas and concepts until I found the best technical way to bring my vision to life. The most difficult part of this project was the animation. It's the first time ev...


    DAUGHTERHOOD is a dark comedy webseries about the dysfunctional relationship between an alcoholic stage mom and her adult daughter, an aspiring actress.

    Evan Handler (CALIFORNICATION, SEX AND THE CITY), Carolyn Hennesy (REVENGE, COUGAR TOWN), and Carmela Corbett (UNDERCOVER, MAD MEN) are in the ...


    Two people reluctantly spend the morning together after a one-night stand.

  • A Brief Account of Time

    The 28-minute film runs as an evolving thought on the problem of time. Built from out-of-the-way narratives and ideas erratically collected throughout the years, it follows the ruminations of a semi-imaginary character absorbed in speculation on the enduring enigma - eventually ending in the inev...

  • Come Back Home

    I wrote "Come Back Home (Abaco Relief Song)" after Hurricane Dorian devastated the Abaco islands with 185mph winds and tornados in the Bahamas leaving my friends and family with nothing. I first starting going there when I was 7 months old, so for the last 25 years this has been my home. This is ...

  • Father Electrico Ray Bradbury Lives Forever!

    FATHER ELECTRICO: RAY BRADBURY LIVES FOREVER! is a documentary film based on the creation of a sculpture which was a collaboration between author Ray Bradbury and sculptor Christopher Slatoff. The frontal view of the finished sculpture depicts a father carrying his son. Turn the sculpture around ...

  • Our Ghost Maid

    A well-to-do couple finds their newly purchased home comes with a maid... a ghostly one with marital problems.

  • Jane

    A short animated film on being proud to be Chinese American.

  • The Processed

    In a desperate search for answers about his own fate, Byron Jackson tracks down the only human rumored to have escaped an alien abduction.

  • Uncle Griot

    A young girl takes her uncle for a walk.

  • The Ollie

    A teen rediscovers his love for skateboarding and tries to learn how to ollie.

  • Honor Flight San Diego

    A non-profit organization raises money and recruits volunteers to take aging american military veterans to Washington D.C. to see their memorials.

  • Forever Dad

    A heartwarming story of fatherhood and the lifelong bond between a Father and Son.

  • Second to None

    You know their faces, but do you know their names? Carmen Lamar Gonzalez is the host of this new series, Second to None, putting names to the famous character faces of film, theatre, and TV. A fun journey to remember the talented actors that make the films and scenes we love.