• Nina

    This pilot episode of the tv series NINA follows Nina in the most trying time of her life. Nina’s Mom is a world champion boxer but she tragically is involved in a horrible accident. Now Nina must decide if she wants to give up on her life or stand up and fight to become the next world champ and ...

  • Fry Hard

    An animated short film about the struggle between a seagull and a French fry.

  • Inherit The Earth

    Part meditation, part lament, "Inherit the Earth" is a brief encounter with five young people living in Southwest Baltimore. Conceived as a micro-documentary exploring the experience of food insecurity among children in Baltimore’s inner city, this short film transcends its original intent, offer...

  • kapara.

    An indigenous police officer has a date with the devil

  • Waterproof

    Immersive and cinematic, WATERPROOF is the story of one community’s crusade to create a safe swimming environment in East Hampton, New York. Led by the incomparable Big John and Johnny Jr., these lifeguards give the best of themselves to train, compete and ultimately ensure the safety of locals a...

  • GMT+8-5

    Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+8) is Taiwan's time zone. GMT-5 is New York time zone. This is a journey of a girl who live in the States then find her way to accept her grandma's death.
    The connection within family would not be blocked by space and time.

  • Tweaks

    Tweaks is an award winning black comedy drama about Berry, an undercover life coach, who visits his mentor and godfather Morgan, for some advice on his toughest case yet - an assisted suicide client, Griff, a happily married father of three who wants to fake his natural death.

    Tweaks is a highly...

  • Woodrow and Willow

    A reclusive woodworker processes the death of his wife.

  • Complexity

    A short frame by frame animation displaying human anatomy.

  • Natural Paul

    A modern tale of seduction in the London Night

  • Cyan

    CYAN is a short film told in four chapters, each featuring a song from the Oakland-based Electro-Soul band The Seshen. This unique project blurs the line between music video and narrative short film. CYAN stars singer Lalin St. Juste on an introspective journey through eerie industrial labyrinths...

  • Camping Fun

    Four friends set out to a remote getaway in Texas, unaware that they are being trailed by a sinister cult.

  • 2132

    A man wanders alone through a post-apocalyptic wasteland. All he has to survive is a backpack with some food and a sawed-off shotgun. New relationships are put to the test when he one day encounters a stranger

  • When Night Falls

    As night falls, creatures with pearl and lace ornaments gather at the center of the forest where an inanimate body is laying .

  • Finding Mr. Right

    Two girls are determined to set each other up with the perfect date and go to great lengths to make sure he's for real, but then they discover something they never would have imagined.

  • Put a Stick in It

    When his grandchildren are fighting in the yard, PopPop retells a story from his own childhood to teach them a lesson.

  • Untitled

    Jules is about to publish his first novel but cannot find the right title with his publisher. He therefore decides to go to Lisbon to convince the greatest title writer to find him one for free. The old man finally accepts but offers him a very strange deal...

  • Regarding Annabel

    Set in 1970's Regarding Annabel is a comedy about parental expectation, outside influence and keeping up appearances.

    High achieving Annabel has unexpectedly failed the entrance exam to the prestigious Winterbourne School for girls. Her mother Melissa knows why she's failed, but must hide the t...

  • Unhinged

    The lives of two fathers collide when a drunk driving incident takes a little girl's life. When the driver, a US Congressman gets off with a light sentence, the victim's father is forced to take matter's into his own hands.

  • Lachesism

    Psychological warfare rages when Morgan finds herself face to face with the physical embodiment of her internal emotions- Happiness, Vulnerability, and Anger. Each identity takes the form of a younger version of herself and each is vying desperately for her attention.

  • Peer

    This micro-short deconstructs a couple's attempt to perform rigid societal roles. When their marriage implodes, their child is left reeling.
    This film was made with an all female-identified team on a micro-budget. Original music is composed and performed by Grace McLean (Lincoln Center LCT3: In ...

  • Ai Can

    Ai Can is a documentary portrait of a man who suffers from mental illness, but never stopped making his art during years of retirement.

    During a conversation with a friend, she showed me photos of her grandfather, Zhou Ai Can's unusual collection of toys and installations he made. I became inter...

  • Expecting

    Michele Wiles, former principal dancer of American Ballet Theatre, is about to give birth to her first child.

    Wiles is a top athlete and artist in her field, but like any other woman she faces the exhilaration and anxiety that comes along with the milestone of starting a family.

    Expecting featu...

  • 2 Weeks

    When 20-something-year-old Tanya begins to realize she’s asexual, the highly charged sexualized world she lives in as an actress and partner begins to fall apart and feels more and more like an unbearable nightmare.

    As Tanya wakes up to the realization that she does not experience sexu...