• Kangaroo Court

    Two high-school boys perform a real-life transcript between an unstable murder suspect and a foul-mouthed judge during a national speech and debate tournament to disturbing and shocking results.

  • Therapy Through Lucid Dreaming

    Feeling lost, a young woman with agoraphobia sees a late-night infomercial and orders a 21-day pill program that allows her to go outside, but only in her dreams.

  • Table 12

    An overweight teen must overcome his father's disapproval when he decides to make a change to his diet.

  • Trapped

    After being targeted at her local grocery store, a young girl must make a life-changing decision before she becomes a victim of human trafficking.

  • Your Pizza Is Outside

    Simon Archer blames his problems on a Tinder match while ordering Papa John’s for delivery.

  • Motion Code

    A group of young women use dance as a formula to move through time.

  • Dinette

    Lucy sits with her big brother Tom in a small town diner. Tom is growing up and moving away, and through their conversation they try to connect over this change, and figure out what it means for their relationship.

  • Guilt

    One of New York City's most powerful men is found dead of a gunshot wound in his office. His personal assistant Andre Andersen, is the only other person in the office when it happened. By all accounts it appears to be suicide. However, the NYPD detectives assigned to the case need to make sure th...

  • Mirror

    A young girl is woken up late at night by a strange knocking heard outside her door.

  • Back Focus

    A widowed producer of goofy local television commercials falls in love with a free-spirited artist, but his deceased wife's grieving, alcoholic sister is not ready for him to move on and tries to sabotage his new relationship.

  • The Turtles

    When shy Emma meets the exuberant Jeanie, she feels things she's never experienced before. But there's the slight problem of her clingy boyfriend Jamie...

  • The Ferry

    On Christmas Eve, two women engage in dialogue in a barge as it glides over the waters of a dark, icy pond. An unexpected event will leave its mark at the end of this crossing.

    The short film The Ferry (A Barca) is an adaptation of the short story "Natal na Barca" (Christmas on the ferry, 1958),...

  • Crazy

    Sofía works as a cleaner for a TEA in a school. Iván works as a skating teacher, teaching during extracurricular hours. Sofía and Iván know each other but they've never spoken to each other. She secretly observes his class. He knows. Sofía always leaves before Iván finishes his class But today it...

  • By The Time It Gets Dark

    When Alex gets pregnant and subsequently has an abortion, the already rickety foundation of her relationship with her boyfriend, Darby, crumbles. Alex and Darby must confront the realities of what it means to love, to be a parent, and to mature as a person.

  • DryStone

    On a hill farm somewhere in the north of England, things are not what they used to be. Frank used to own land but since the changes he makes his living fixing dry stone walls. His marriage has failed but Frank refuses to let go. He watches his little family from a vantage point on the hills and a...

  • Avocado Desperado

    A young man discovers a terrible truth about his brother's criminal history...

  • How We See Water

    "How We See Water" follows the lives of two young women, Juana Gomez Ramirez and Rosa Maria Hernandez, in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico, as they grow from girls to young women and struggle to fulfill their dreams of obtaining an education while also serving a vital role in earning a living f...

  • Header

    When Lars (13) gets further and further behind in the initially still funny duel with his brother Kai (11) and thus also threatens to lose the love of his mother, he is faced with a decision: Will he fight against his unfairly playing brother or will he give up?

  • Locked.

    A man got stuck with himself and has no idea how to get out. He philosophizes about life and knows to answer questions in his own way. His wife cannot reach him anymore and has out of despair stopped living. She hopes that someday they will reach each other again. Will they be able to find each o...

  • Black Stains

    Black Stains addresses the systemic pattern of racial profiling by the police. Inspired by the personal experiences of choreographer Trent D. Williams, Jr., the film illustrates the reality of being black in the United States. Through interviews with men of varying ages and robust athletic dancin...

  • Audition Life - Canst Thou Not Hear Me

    Shakespeare is hard. Outdoor Shakespeare is harder. Follow Erin as she auditions for a role in an outdoor Shakespeare Summer Company.

  • The Executioners We All Had A Chance

    This is the first boxing documentary ever produce about a boxing team. Its a story about two men Marvin "Toochie" Gordon and Frank Taylor and how they opened up a boxing gym in tough streets of West Philadelphia the mid 70's to help the boys from going down the wrong path in life. In doing so the...

  • Before I Knew

    A powerful visual poem depicting both the subtle and harsh ways Black men come to the realization that they are seen as less than Human.


    The short film, titled as 'BLACK BOX' is a documentary of an OCD sufferer opens up raw about his condition and shares how he deals with it. The short film will give viewers a simulation experience of how someone with OCD feels on the inside.