It's been ten years since Buttercup has heard from her sisters Blossom and Bubbles. Spending her nights seeking out criminals Buttercup becomes the hero she always wanted to be until one night everything changes.

    This film is meant to be a pitch to Warner Brothers and we currently are not affili...

  • Slayer

    All hell breaks loose when Zach, a video game coding high schooler, accidentally unleashes dark magic into his world, bringing his retro video game, Slayer, to life. The teen soon finds himself trapped inside his own home, with a real-life version of the dragon from his game wreaking havoc.

  • Cards Out

    A boy passionate about cards discovers the monsters in his closet.

  • Respect your elders, Chum.

    Chum, learns a lesson respecting his elders.

  • Boy Wonder

    An inquisitive school boy lives in the sleepy village of Birgu. When the house with the red door becomes occupied, the boys curiosity intensifies. An encounter leaves the possibility for growth right at his doorstep.

  • Red Room

    An innocent man wakes up in a warehouse unaware of how he got there, he quickly discovers the intentions of his kidnappers and their audience on the Dark Web. All told in one unbroken shot.

  • Dirt

    A traumatised homeless veteran stumbles upon a child trafficking organisation and sees a chance at redemption.

  • Heart of Mind

    'Heart of Mind' tells the story of a painter whose reality turns nightmare upon the collapse of his egotistical world of surrealism. Struggling to hold onto the last tangible elements of his existence, the artist confronts his greatest challenge; letting go.

  • Refugee by Mistake

    A small village community group set their sight on the absurd goal of protecting the border from refugees. In the end, they finde themselves on the refugee route without any identification documents and money. In an ironic and comic story, an absurd foray becomes an unusual self-discovery trip.

  • You Can't, Just

    Working as the stall cleaner on a remote horse farm, a young woman overhears an advertisement for a discounted bargain travel trip and begins to wonder if a new life awaits her elsewhere.

  • Salvation Rain

    In his childhood, Janya was the only one who survived by escaping from a night massacre in his village. After 20 years, he comes back and the repressed grief and pain overwhelms him. To cope with the past, Janya tries to create a reality of his own in a parallel place and time. Yet his surroundin...

  • Apart

    Amelia is a young woman living in a post apocalyptic world. One day she suddenly receives an SOS call with gives her hope to fulfil her deepest wish, not being alone anymore. As she decides to set out and look for the person who sent the SOS call, her only challenge is to survive but soon she rea...

  • Goalie

    During a foosball goalkeeper's frustration of being unable to get involved in the action, his pole breaks. He tries to show that he is meant for more than 'just' a goalkeeper. However, he quickly comes to realize that the goalkeeper position is an extremely important part of the team and game.


    On the shores of the Dead Sea in the heart of the Judaean desert somewhere in the Holy Land, lies an apocalyptical “Lost city”. The entrance is strictly forbidden as giant sinkholes are scattered around and wild hyenas are the guardians of this cataclysmic metropolis. Raul Cabrera an avid Ecuador...

  • HeadSpace

    Sometimes, when we look up at the night sky, the vast universe looms over us, and we feel powerless and small. The influence that we have on the world seems too trivial and the lengths of our lives too short. In this creative short film, an inspired, young teenager challenges our insignificance a...

  • Perfect Fit

    After a fan blows two building blocks off of a table, they must avoid the perils of modern day appliances, and work together in order to make it back to their friends.